Books That Inspired Me. Books Every Entrepreneur & Professional Must Read
Vinita Bali
Session Host - K. Jairaj

A Critique on Indian Business Writing Post Reforms - Their Contribution to Confusion or/& Clarity
Prof. Vaidyanathan, Shankar P. and Dheeraj Sinha
in conversation with Harish Bijoor

Writings on Business & Technology – Insights & Experience into Their Interconnectedness
Alok Bhardwaj and Shoaib Ahmed
in conversation with Benedict Paramanand

The Fine Art of Unraveling the DNA of Indian Entrepreneurs
Varun Agarwal , Ganesh V and Sivadas Raghava
in conversation with Vishwas Mudagal

Books That Can Help Launch Careers – For Young Managers & Students
Pradipta Mohapatra and Amisha Sethi
in conversation with Sangeeth Varghese

Games Indians Play – A Peek Into India’s Business Culture
V Raghunathan and Aakar Patel
in conversation with Vasanthi Srinivasan

Why I Wrote What I Wrote – How to Strengthen India’s Culture of Reading, Writing and Publishing
Subroto Bagchi
Host - V Raghunathan